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Kamla Nehru Public School Road2Recovery Journey….

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant disruption to education globally, which is being considered the worst education crisis on record. Would like to present our International Research Project “Road2Recovery” which was initiated in April 2022 by Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara, India. It is based on AI for Good and is a Community-based learning collaboration.

To recover the impact of COVID-19 on learning and behavior and with the future of a generation at stake, we launched Mission Road2Recovery International Project to bridge the Academic and behaviour gap of the students. And in turn Rebuild Foundational Competencies. Rebuild Reading, writing and Numeracy skills, Rebuild Behaviour Losses.

The learning losses among students was apparent and could not be ignored. It was a challenge that needed to be addressed head-on. Therefore, we shared our concern via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

The global community responded. A thought of going Local to Global...A Bigger Team...A Stronger Team #Collaboration for a real-life issue, learning losses need to be assessed.

In Verse……

Journey of Road2Recovery International Research Project 2022-23

Road2Recovery, a journey to mend 

With AI for good, to aid and defend. 

International research project, the theme 

AI for humanitarian action, a dream 

Road2Recovery team, a force to reckon 

April 2022, the project begun 

To help children, one by one 

Eight live webinars, to reach far and wide 

1587 students, 1422 parents, 301 teachers in stride 

Problem to bridge the learning divide 

Post-disaster, for children to guide 

Research with Microsoft Bing and ChatGPT 

Surveys with Microsoft Forms,  

Students' voices on Flipgrid,  

#ReadingCoach, to aid  

Collaboration on Teams, Minecraft, Wakelet, 

Powerpoint and Sway,  

A shoutout on LinkedIn, Twitter, 

Insta, Facebook, and YouTube 

Structured activities, the project based 

Post-disaster, AI tools helped, to be laced 

Potential to scale up and replicate 

By school counselors, educators and MIE experts... 

To #2BuildBackBetter, a goal to strive 

520 supporters, 3,426 views, 977 shares 

Online petition, to show we care 

Eight eNewsletters, published to update 

906 student voices, 128.6 hours to debate 

21 topics, 440 members on Flipgrid 

2303 items in global collaborative Wakelet 

Academic gap bridged  

Positive behavior wedged 

The Road2Recovery, a journey to build back better Continues.....

Ms. P.K.Dhillon 

Principal (Admin & Innov.)


Project Road2Recovery



    Road2Recovery Project Flipgrid:

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    Hope-To Build Back Better:

    Work Together, Build a Better World:

    Strive to WIN and Thrive for Good Health:

    Solar Energy2Build Back Better:

    Minecraft Solar Energy:



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Introduction of Road2Recovery project - shout out 

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