Sunday, July 3, 2022

Episode 3


To recover the impact of COVID-19 on learning and behavior and with the future of a generation at stake

Kamla Nehru Public School launched Mission #Road2Recovery International Project to mend the Academic and behavior Gap of the students.

2nd July 2022 : 6:00 pm (IST)

Participants: 82 educators and K-12 Global Students 

Event Schedule

Date & Day : Saturday, 2nd July 2022

Time : 6:00 pm (IST)

Participants : Grade I to XII

The theme of Episode 3 was Strive to Win and Thrive on Road2Recovery .
Students shared incredible contributions by participating in #Minecraftworld and #AdobeSpark posters by creating a globe 🌎 village.

Newsletter By Ms Sharda

Full Episode 


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